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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 18, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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195 map ,3 first on fox...violence eeupts pccool... after a wommn deliverrng a birthday cake gets into a knife fight with a school administratorr aaministrator.nationnl cademy foundatioo prep middle school immmdiately went intoolockdown. megan gilliland is livv in &peast ballimore with the lates this morning. good morning guyy,policeesay a women carrying a cake and balloons... walked up to thee front of the school here delivery for her ssster.but building....we'rr told she did protocol.instead of going to year ld wooan went to the sse was carrying a kniff. when - she was confronted by a schhoo administrator she used the knife... o cut him on his hands.immediately... the schooo went into lockkown. as
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you can immginn... parents wereefrantic. (parent) "its ridiculous something needs to happen aad coming off the incident inn newtown any parenn ann real parent is going to be coocerned about whats going on far as their child" uildinggas no students were hurt during the city ock up tonight school is expected to open on schedule here this morning.but still a lot of unansweredd pueetiins about safeey... we'll have ore n that part of tte story coming up next half hour.iim megan gillilaad, pox45 morning news. &pii light of last week's elementary school... dick's sporting ggods is pplliig automatic rifles off --- shelles... at stooes around tte country. country.the store says it's its tore nearest to newtown,
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connecticuu. he retailer says the chhnge comee out of &preepect for the victims and's unclear how long the store will keep the suspensionnin place. wallart is pulling rifles off its shelves... thattare the responding to comments about m year... the national chain he ccnnecticut shooting has - maay people pushing for stricter gun cootrol lawss laws. many maryland are calling for them. toss point oothe ffct that maryland already has someeof the most reetrictive gun and they've done littleeto . - in altimore city which haa long been conssdered ammng thii nation's deadllest. (mike horst) 1:38;16 there are soomany ggns in circulation now thaa even if you start to curtail nee sales oo resttrct peatuues on irearm new sales it's going to have llttle
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bite(milkulski sot) 05:42:25 assault weapons that are in the hands of people whoo dangees, and thhn there is thee pisue of mental health serviccs.05:42:44 05:42:44 baltimore ccunny executive kevin kamenetz and pollce hiee jim johnssn came do more to limit access to mmlitary ggaae assault rifles... as well as large ammunts of ammunition. 3exppcc more travel disruptiins at b-w-i thurgood marshall airport today due to fog. fog.according to their websitee...most oo the depprtures on the schedule for canceled.thhrreare.. however... still several flights thaa this morning... and departing pn time this aaternoon.this has been goingg n siice monday affernoon... when heavy fogg prounded all flights at the airport. a 50 thousand dollar grant is on the line, and one local school issonly a few clicks
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line?? t them to the finish oel d. smith is live at &pmounttwashington schhoo to show s how the monny would be ssent, and what appens if short. 33 33 3
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3&pa touchdown dance... for one saint louis rams playerr.. ii why... danny amendola spikes - the football... hitting spiies the ddnny amendola spikes the ootball... hitting an official right in the face. the hit breaks the official's lassss... cusing him to he escorted off he hurt. 3ptease countdown to christmas- we're giving
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coming up.... getting more guns... in the haads of kids.why one program... is encouragiig that to happen. "ppople getttng ready for
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december 1 this year should be prepared for ay possible ssenarios, whether it be the nuclear attack." and prepariig for the end of the world.the 3 most common &itp on... before're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 33&((break 2)) [ female announcer ] curls are long lasting when they're nourished. ♪ that's why new dove style + care whipped cream mousse nourishes and conditions to help keep curls well defined and touchably soft. new dove style + care whipped cream mousse. better style through better care. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen
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pew this morninn... 21 people are eeovering today... &pafter escapingga 44-larm firee happened at an apartment sunday night.nearly 1-hundred firefighters spent almost 2-hours... putttng out flames. &pmany of the residents inside... jumped from windows of the injurres areebelievvd still unclear at this point.... what started the fiie. the soldiir charged in the deadly fort hood shooting
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rampage will appear in military court.. for his first pre-trial heaaing in more than three, the new judge overseeing major nidal hasan's case will ddscuesssthe trial schedule. hasan faces the deaah penalty if convicted killeed13 and woundee several othersson the texas army post. since september, when he od --3 appealed the former judge'' order to shave his beard or be forccbly shaved before his court-martial. thattjudge wws oosted from hh cass... along pith his order. the world's oldest woman... pas died.dina mmnfredini passed away monday in iowa... at the age of 115..he was born on april 4th, 18-97... and came to des moines from italy in 19-20. manfredini held the recorrs for just a few d - weeks... whennthe previous record-holder passeddaway at the age of 116. a young girl takes on a major 13-year-old mckenna pppe petitioned for hasborr tt maae
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gender-neutral "eaas--akke ovens"... so her brother could have ne ttat's not purple or pink.on monday... she sat down her wish.hasbro is now planning to make a black-aad-silver ovvn... that pould hit shelves by nexx p3&that brings us to our questi of the day.what do you think about pllns to make a gender-- neutral easy ake oven? we'llltake your calls in our 7 you can also go to fox-bbltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sound off through facebook or send us a tweet.. at foxbbltimore. 3 passengers of southwest airlines... who miss their flights... ccn nn longer reebook for ffee.the airline &pis starttng a "no-show" fee.. which ii scheduled to gg nto effect next will apply to people who booght didn't cancel their ticket ho - on how much the ffe will be for a missed flight. coming up... plasssssresume in newtown, cconecticut... just days after a deadly shooting.but not at the cene oo the crime.where
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attack... will go for cllsses. guu nats &pnats bt next... why oon store is ncouraging kids to get a gun in their wake of last week'ssschool shootinggyou're atching fox all morning. es.. all local.. - ((breaa 3)) hey, look! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.48
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pictures with santa... a ggn
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toting saint nick aad kids packing heat ffr holiday photos. but s rebecca lopez catccing on with everyone. (nats) it'' christmas and here pictures with santa. (naas) ann his ar-15. the owners say it's a child ffieedly evenn. "i thhnk it's extremely important to trainnchildren, mystery out of the guns."" reverend peeerrjohnson, a ssrong advocate of stricter and guns sends a wrong mmssaae. "but i think we have love affair withhviolence." pohnson believes violence in america would deerease if it was harder to obtaii weaponn. he helped ttke 22 thousand past tww ecades during un buy backs. "we are noo going to be ableeto take all thh &pguns out of americans hands but i think we must begin oo talk to america about violence ptself." the owners oo eagle gun rangeesayythe doo't numerous gun safety classes..e "this is one of the reasons we chhldren to train thee ii thh can be a fuu porr, it doesn't have to be a dangerous sport." problem is the person behind itseef. "ii people want to use a baseball batt" "the is for hitting a baseball, a gun is forrkilling people." while the two sidessdiffer of what needs to be done... both sayythey are united in pain in conneccicct and both beeieve something as ttobe doneeso nn more innocent children die in schools. coming p...
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coming up... 3&pcoming up... preearing ffr the end of the people are stocking up on... -
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fox 45 morning nees.. ll ((break 4)) [ woman #1 ] i can't believe it's finally here!
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greenspring map &
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into lockdown after a woman delivering aabirthday cake gets into a knife fight with a school adminstrrttr. adminstrator.ttis morning... national academy foundation prep middle school s back open... but any parents are questioning hhir children's safety.mmganngilllland is liie in east baltimore with a story you're seeing first oo foo. good morning guys,policc say a pomen carrying cake and front of the school herrethe yesterddy and said she had a once she wassbuzzed into the building... we're told she did protocol.instead of going to thh front office... thee21- year old women went to the cafeteria.when an padiiissrattr confrrnted pullee out a kniff and cut the school addinistratoo on his hands.immediately... the school went iito lockdown. as yyu can imaginn... parents were frantic.with this on top pf the reccnn tragedy in connecticut... some parents
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their children's safety. (carren lynch-parent)"the ids &pneeddmore protectiin, more locked doors... more security ann tt crazy kids need schools" in their schools""- noostudents were hurt duriin administtator was sent toothe thhs orning... the suspect iss live in east baltimore, megan gillilaad, fox45 morriig news. classes resume today... for ssme students in newtown, ccnnecticut. wiih the plementary... other schools in the district are rrturning to pfficials are preparinn a t - former middleeschool... oo those who surrvveddthe school official are discussing securiiy.the shooting at sandy hook remains under
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investigation. 3&meanwhile... aaboyfriend oo one of the victims... 29- says he was just days away - behavioral therapist... was a new to thh school... when tragedy struck.her boofrrendd anthony says he had asked her parents' permission to homeowners in somerset countyy will be eligible for feddral funds... to help ccver cosss associated with hhrricane ssndy. sandy.the federal emeegency mmnagement agency approved the aid n appeall.. but rejecced requesss made by ddrchester, - ann worcester counties.most 3 maryland ounties are eliggble federal disaster assistance... pncluding foreclosure relief and loans to local ggvernmenns. additions of carroll and montgomery ounties. nationwide competitton for a 50 thousand ollar grann ps ddwn tt the last two days.
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school now ranks number 12 out entries. ttat's imppessive,, the monee... so joel d. smith is llve t the school noo to see what the tudents aae doing o help push them to the top, and see exactly why thee money is needed riiht nnw.&now. 3 3
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3 &p are yyu preppred or the the mayan calendar....this friday marks the end of iitall. all.around the country... many ppople are takkng steps to ennure they're set for whatever happpns on decembee 21st.but nooe... quite like &páthisá ggy. "people gettinggready for december 21 this yeer should scenarios, whether it be the eed of days, civill nrest, nuclear aatack." &ptte owner of an army surplus
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3- 3 3 3 cominggup... a group of
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country trip... to hhlp those affected by lass week's school . & brings a sense of calmness in a time of ccnnusion ffrrthem during this period. the group of people... bbing targeted the're wwtching fox 45 morning news.. &p((breakk6))all morning. [ woman #1 ] i can't believe it's finally here!
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♪ 3 new this morning... as the community of newtown, connecticut begins the healing frrm across the reeion.the newtown post office saassit's froo people wanting to send letters,,care packages and drawings from children. so onn dedicated a post office box to the town. if you'd like to send your oon condolences... we've posted the address n website.just gg to foo baltimmre dot commslaah morning. a group of golden retrrevers tt helppcomfort thee hildren who survived the attack at sandy hook elementary... and other children in town.the therapy dogs traveled 9- hundred mills from illinois...
6:49 am
to helppout.volunteers say.... 1:07 "to some people,,weeve peen this with children, t brings a sense of calmness in a time of confusion for them during this period. to some it hhlpp them process their grief, they'll staat crying &psad and hey'll waak away p happy.. &p &pthe dogs haae spent time at the memorial site... bringgng pbing smiles to people's facess tragedies.... like the joplin tornndo and superstorm sandy. &pschools re-open toddy in newtown, connecticut....all except for saady ook elementary... tte site of the young victims are laiddto rest. this mornnng... reneemarsh withhthe very latest. town... good morning, rene. - ae we learning anythinggnnw abbut theeshooter as the
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house of representatives pthe house of -the house of representatives paused for a
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mommnt of sillnce. whileethey rememmer the victims, thhre have beennplenny of callssforr action and stticter gun laws. has there been any action yet?
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all local.. all morniig.
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3 first on fox...viooence erupts school... after a woman delivering a birthday cake gets intooa knife fight with a sccoolladministtaaor. administrator.national academy foondation prep miidle school immediitely went iito lockdown. this orninn. good morninn guys,police say a women carrring aacake and balloons... walked up to the deliiery foo her sister.but - building... we're told she didd not follow protocol.
7:04 am
protocol.instead of going to the frrnt officee.. tte 21- year ld woman went to the sseewas confronted by a schooll- &pknife... to cut hhm on his hands.immediattly... the school went into lockdown. as you can iiagine... parents were frantic. (parent) "its ridiculous coming ff the incident in nd newtown any parent any eal parent is going to be ccncerned about whats going on inside a school buildinggass far as their chhld" no students ere hurttduring th adminiitrator was senttto the hospittl. the suspect is at pchool is expected to open on - scheduue here this morning.but some parents say theee are stillla lot of unansweredd quessions aboot safeeyy.. we'll have more on that part of the story coming up next half hoor.i'm megan gilliland, foxx5 morning neww.
7:05 am
33& the connecticut shootinggha many people pushhng for stricter gun control laws. laws. any maryland members offlawwenforcement are calling for them. thosee againsttsuch measures.... point to the fact that control laassin the nation... in baltimore city whhch has long been considered among this nation's deadliest. (mike horst) 1138;16 there are so many gunn in circulation now ttat even if you start to featuues on firearm new sales it's going to have ittle affect on future crimes.butt bite(millulski soo) 05:42:25 "i think ww needdto lookkat two things, one milltary assault weapons that are n the hands of people hoo daangrs, and tten there is the services.05:42:44 05:42:44 baltimore countyy exxcutive evin kamenetz and police chief jji johnson came are aaking state awmakers to
7:06 am
do mmre to limit access to militaay grade assault two youug boys are he irst victims of the sandy spriigs massacre to be laid to est two six-year-olds... jack pinto nd noaa pozner buried. those who tttnded noah's about her beloved little boy friends also remembered little budding wrrstler. when she told him i lovv you' his answer ass'not as mucc as i looe you.' and that as his mother." 'newtown is forever teammatt, cuz thht's who we are, that's who newtown is, rrght??we're here for the pintos. " "two dozen more funerals are expeced in tte coming days includdng for students charlotte helen bacon and jessica rekos ttday and wakes
7:07 am
peachhr victooia soto. a california teenagerris in custody this morning...after posting threats online... to made aware of 18- yyar -oll - facebookkpost indicated cabada newtown school shooter... and was thinking about doing the samm.police searched his home firearms.hh's booked on felony charges, ttis morning. long-serving hawaii senator and decoraaed war hero daniel inouyehas died.he passed away pesterday... after beingg hospitalized for respiratooy electtd in 19-62 nd has been historyinooyy was 88-gest -&s- years-old. a new rrcall could affect tte items... sitting nder your &pchristmas tree. and its otter varieties: balz"
7:08 am
"growing skulls"... "h-2-o orbs"... and "faabuoos flowers"... are being reealled... for ingestion risk. can expand 400 times their trouule if a child swallows one. the volunttryyrecall happeeed... aater a baby needed surggry to remooe tte toy affer eatinggittlast yyar. a 50 ttousand dollar grrnt ii on the line, and one llcal school is onny a few clickk so can they convince you to & help get them to the finish line? joel d. smith is live at show us ow the money woold be spent, ann wwat hhppens if they come up just a littleebit . short. 3
7:09 am
7:10 am
3 a first at the white house! house!what one u-s marrne dii &pat 16-hundrrd pennsylvania avenue.. that's making history! history! you're all local.. all mornnnn. ews.. - ((break 1)) 3
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3 3 3- 3
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3 an oregan mann...arrowly escapes death! eatt!!he simlple action he &pwas doingg. efore getting caught in a dumm ttuck! watching fox 45 morring news.. all looal.. all morning. ((break 2))
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after eecaping a 4-alarm fire pn dorchester happened at an aaartment building in cambridge... punday night.nearly 1-hundrrd firefighters spent almost 2--ours... putting out ffames. mmny of the residents inside... jumpeddfrom windows of the 3-story buildiig.none of thh injjries re believed to be life-thheatening.ii's sttll unclear attthis oint... what started the fire. homeownees in somerset county will be ellgibll forrfederal fuuds... to help covvr costs associated with hurricane sandy.theefema approved the aid on appeal... but rrjected requests made by dorcheeter, worcester countiis.most &pmaryland counties are eeigibl for more basic forms of federal ddsaster assistanne... including foreclosure relief ann loans toolocal governments. that inclldes the recent additions of carroll and montgooery counties. a fiist at the white house... an active duty u-- marine
7:21 am
corps captain makes history... by proppsing to his partner. this picture was posted o facebook ....and it shows knee.. before hii partner... &pben schock.theepicture has well over 2-thousand lickes... and has bben shared 255 times. schhck... said es! 3 sit back...relax and enjoy the ride . adventure park usa is hosting shadrack's christtas lightshoo. emily gracey is streaming now for this mornings hometown hotspot.- wonderlandd- ow llng is the light show? -what an weesee?
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the 3rd annual drive thru lliht show runs now throuuh january 3rd at 6:00 p.m. dailyy in adventure park usa. o learn more og on to fox morring. peard!the major change coming toothe easyybaae ooen...that's making it gender neutral. nnutral.but first...they poontry is still in shhcc... in thh wakk of friday's &pshooting rampaae at aa former f-bbi agent weights in on the tragedy. ou''e watching ox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. (((reak 3)) 3
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the first of what will be many more funerals for victims shoottnn were held yesterday. jaak pinto and noah pozner were laid to rest ... the crowd of mourners too large to fit ntt the church.. s the community comes together to pay their respects ... here are still so many questions rom how and why it happenedd.. to how to grieee and reccver from the tragedy. p dr. tyyone powers, pormer fbi agent and current director of the homeland seeurity and criiinal justicee institute at anne arundel communitt college joins us this morning.-walk us thrrugh this investigatton .... what are hey lloking for and why will it taae as long as they're saying-when might we know a motive-what does
7:27 am
petting back to normal mean .. nd how do you
7:28 am
do that .. when the death was will go on and on-what do you tell children toomake them feel safe-saaing the shooters pt .. does that trigger others 3 the man accused of killing a music appears in court. court.what he pleadee in ccurr... you're all local.. all mmrning. fighting thh he
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airport is struggling to make up for loss time... ttnight on fox45 news at five. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money,
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&p a balttmore city school goes into lockdown after a woman dellvering a birthday cake pets into a knife fight with a school adminstraaor. adminstrator.this morning... national acaddmy foundation prep middle school is back open... but many paaents are questioning their children's east baltimore ith a story you're seeeng first on fox. megan 33
7:34 am
govvrnor o'malley says lawmakers will be takkng action in the wake of the shooting.. he ssys leggilators will be looking at what can be done toostrengthen to make children safer. he alss cites.... meetal health future tagedies like te one in newtown last week. ccasses resuue today... for
7:35 am
some students in newtown. newtown. with the exxeptionnof sandy hookkelementary... othee schools in tte districc are returninn to class.district ooficials areepreparing a &pformerrmiddle school... for those who survvvee tte shootiig.local police and school officials arr ddscussiig how and wherr to increase security.the shooting invessigation.remains nder mussc pleads "not guilty" to first-degree murder. murder.mmchael dunn appeared in ccurt yesterday..olice saa he shot and killed 17-year-old phe teen sat inside an s-u-v... pprked outside aagaa his client elt threatened by teenn inside the car.he claims davis saw a shotgun....and feared for his life. "i'vv hearr all the talking heads ii the naaional news and thhs. he did that.. uuless you you're ppttin a position where you believe somebody ii about to ppt a ssotgun at your head ann pull the trigger and get out of a car to do it, then
7:36 am
nobodyyhas he riggt to say, 'whh didn't he do something?' that'ssgoing to be for the for the juuy." jury."policc say they didn't find any guns in the s-u-v. dunn's attorney arggus ttatt tte three other teens in the ccr had time o get rid of them. in pprtland, oregon, a man was &pnearly crusheddto death by a dump truuk.police say the maa contents into the back of the h- truck and began crushinggthe trash... and the man.workers pealizeddsomeone was inside thh ompaccer and callee policc..eergeecy crewss eveetualll freed the man's the word on hiss conditioo. a young girl takes on a major comppnn... and wins. wins.13-year-old mckenna pppe petitioned for hasboro to make genner-neutral "easy-bake ovens"... soohee brother could have one that's not purple r pink.on monday... she sat ddwn with theecompanyy.. nd got her wish.hasboroois now planning to make a could hit shelves y next fall. that rings us to ourrquestion
7:37 am
of the day.what do you ttink &pabout plans tt make a genderr neutral eaay bake vvn? numbee to call 410-481-4545.he - naaionwide competitiin ffrra 50 thouuand dollar grant is down to the last two days. and the mount washingttn &pschool now ranks number 12 oo of 25 hundred entties. &pentries. that's impressive, but only hh top spott ets the joel . smith is liie at the school now to see whatttte students re doing to help push them to he top, and see xactly why the money is needed right now. now.danielle cromartiiasst. principal asst. princiial cromartiedanielle crommrtieasst. priicipal 3
7:38 am
3 3
7:39 am
3 youtube has released its llst of top 10 trending videos of theeyear. noo surprisingly, a certain korean rap star leads phe liss. únaas of song. song. psy'ss"gangnam tyle" is on track to hit neebiilionn views. in just six monthh, it became the ost viewed youuube video ever. &p thh fog has finnlly lifted!!ut one.your skywatch eather forecast is next. next. you're watching fox 45 morninggnews..
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nine grams protein. zero fat. p(ad lib mettorologist))
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3 33
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changes are coming to the easy bake oven! oven!the company that makes it.. aggeed to makk it girl pnd áboyá friendly..with more gender neutraa colors. we're asking you. whattdo you think aboot plaas to makeea gender- neutralleasy open now.. 411-481-4545. you're watching foxx45 mmoning news.. all local.. all ((break 6)) [ female announcer ] want younger looking eyes that say wow
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zzzquil, ((questionnof ay aniiation)) hasboro... the company thaa makes easyybake oven..has agreed to make it.. in more gender neutral colors.this decisioo cooes fteera 113 earr old girl petitiooed the company..soo er brother could use one.. without it beeng purple!that brings us to ouu question of the day.what do you think about plans to make a gender- neutral easy bake now.. 4100481-4545.s are open - -3 shane "i think it's a niie
7:50 am
thing, baking is not gender spe" specific."angela " i like hee pdea. most guys avv a fit whee it comes to girlie colors and guys should knowwhhw too cook. ts nnie to know somee guys wwnt to be in the kitchen.. kitchen."liss "that is great bbcauseewe have hefs and inspire some boys toowant to pursue a career in the culinary arts.. i loveeit!" coming up in our 8 o'clook's coming down to thh . days to picc a present from under our ttee... &ptrre...yourrcue to call aadd win... in just minutes. you're watccing foxx45
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morning news...all loccl.. all morning. ((break 77) ((bump in))
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coming up in our 8 o'clock hhur.. have you picced onee your neextchhnne to pick a present from under oor tree... is 30 minntes away. away. you're watching fox 455morning newss.. all loccl.. all morning. ((break 8)) have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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the investigation into aay winehouse's deaah... is reopened.the reasoo the original cauue of ddath.. is being hrown uu. hundreds of ppccages... left on the side of the road.. oo purpose.why one fed ex driver says he did ii. awayyeven mmoeegifts today!- youu next chancc tt pick a gift from nder ouurccristmas tree is coming up sometime in 3 p3 tuesday, december 18th. 3
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3 3 &p3 3 3 -3 3
8:02 am
first on fox...violence eeupts inside a baltimore citt sshool... after oman delivering a birthday cake gets into a knife fight with a foundation prep middle school immeedately went into loocdown.
8:03 am
ttm rodgers has more on what pparked the fight... along with your other top ssories. stories. poliie say a women carrying a cake and balloons... walked up to the front of the school here yesterdayyanddsaid she had a delivery for her sister. &pbut once she was buzzed nto thh buildinn... e're told she did not ollow protocol. prrtocol.insttaa of goong o the frrnt office... he 21- yearr ld womaa went toothe offiiials say she wws arrying a knife. when she wassccnfrontee by a school admmnistrator she allegedly &pused it.. to cut hii school mmediately went into lockdown. pomething needs to happen andd coming off the incident in newtown any parent any real parent is oing to be concerred about whaat goong on inside a school building as far s tteii child" no students were hurt during this incident... but the school administrator was sent &pto theehospittl. tte suspect mornnng. e city lock up this classes resume toddy... foo some students in newttwn. sandy hook elementary... other pchools in tte district are
8:04 am
returning to class.distrrct officiall are preparingga former middle schholl.. for phose who survived the school offiiial are dissuusing how and where to increase hook reeains under the investigatton intt tte deaah of amy winehhuse is being re-opened. re-opeeed.ooficials innlondon to the caseehas been suspended... for not haaing the proper credentials.the new inquest issexpecteddto start next mmnth.winehouse died in july 7 2011 at just 27 years old.the original investigation deeermined the sinner died of alcohol poisoning. &pformer rrsident george hhw pbsh is getting some good news ahead of the holidays.a faaily spokespeeson sayy that bush is on track toobe rellased from christmas.he'ssbeen hospitalized innhouston sincc bronchitis. .. battling the -3 3& a 50 thousand dollar grant is on theeline, and one local sccool is only a few clicks so can they ccnvince you to
8:05 am
&phelppget ttee to the ffnish joelld. smith ii live aa spent, and what hhppens if be they come up just a little bit . shhrt. 3 3 3
8:06 am
8:07 am
-teaas counndown -tease countdown , to christmas- we're giving away gifts every day through &pchrrstmas eve. eve. our lucky wiiners will ggt a under the stay tuned commng up... switching up your . routine.the little changes you can make at the gym... that will haveea hugg impact.
8:08 am
you're atchhng foxx45 mmrnnng news.. all 3 3((bump out))
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eeily graceyyis streaming now for this mornings hometown hotspot.- ell us about the wonderland.- how ong is he liiht shhw?-whht can we see? see? the 3rddannual drive thru light shoo runs now
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coming up... exploring all he conneiving.when it might be expert. to get heep fromman your next oofen to ccaage uu your exercisee're waaching fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. al
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getting any results? don't help with changing up your n - workout. danny lee ffom gold's gym jjiis us ttis morninggwith more. - hoowcan we channe up our workout?- what littll phanges make a big difference? - how oftennshould we changg up- our workout?
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&pdo you have questions about yyur workout? danny lee s joiniin us uring good day baltimore to show us a few new questions.meantime, you can send us a tweet or post your questioo on our facebook page. poming up... struggling... t treatments that are avvilablle of help. ppcckges... that will never make it to their intended destiiations.the ffe-ex workerr who allegedly sabotaged his oww'rr watching fox 45 mooring news.. all local.. all morning.
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nineemonths is long enough to prrive.but for couples joy to sttuggling with infertility.. trying to conceive can feel like an eternity.soohow o you know it's time to get hellp assistant with shady grove fertility.. and joins us for this morninggs "your health matters."how ommon is infertility?when should you seee help rom fertility pecialist? whh is age so important??hat treatment oottons aree available?is ffrtility treatment exxensive? p, for more information aboutt
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giving away all these gifts - under our tree. tree.the áá4th and 5th callersáá at 410-481-4545 ggtss tt choose a gift from under -
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3 &p 3 &p
8:33 am
a balttmore city school goes into lockdown after a wommn &pggts intooa knife fight with schhoo admmnstrrtor. adminstrator.this morning... openn.. but many parents are &pquestioning their chhldren's safety.tom rodgers hassmore on aastooy you're seeing first on fox... allng with your other top stories. police say a women carrying to the front of the school &pyesterday and said sse hhdda ddlivery for her sister.but once she was buzzed inno tte building... we're told she did not follow protocol. &pprotocol.inssead of going to the front offiie... the 211 caaeteria.when an nt to tte - administrator confronted and authorities sayythe woman e pchool dmiiistrattr on his school wenn into lookdownn (carmen lynch-parent)"the kids need more rotection, more and itt crazy . more securityy - kids need seccrity in their sch" duringg he incident.the school
8:34 am
facing everal chargess - a california teenager is in custody this mornnng...aftee he intended to duplicate the shhoting.poliie say tteyywere serggo caaada's alleged -old - ttreats through a tip on facebook.they say... the nnwtown school shooter... and was thinking bout doiig he pnd found he had access to charges, his morringg a feddex contractor admits o destroyinn hundreds of mistake.officials say the paa... who wassprivattly contracted throuuh fed-ex to deliver packages... lost omee of the iiemsslast month.he reportedly told his bosses that he ay have left tte door to his piik-up ttucc open... fall out along the delivery to over it up....he
8:35 am
pushed the ress of he boxes out of he truck too. pthere were a lot of packages road, some intaat,,some empty - &pboxes and some haddalready bben taaen away by people in the area." postal inspectors weee able to recovvr and deliver juut 31 packagee.more than 400 others were empty... or unaccounted for.the driver was ffred. president obama and sspaker of the house john boeener appear to be making some progress... on a deal to avoid the uus frrm going over the fiscal cli. cliff.boehner met wwth tte white house.after he agreee to dollars a year... he president oofered a counttr- ttxes on those makinngmore than four-hundred housann dollars.that's up from the two-hundred thousand dollar mark the president originally wanttd. a nntionwide competition por a 50 thousand dolllr grrnt is down to the last tww days..
8:36 am
ann the mount washington pchool now ranks number 12 out of 25 hundred entries. eetriees. that's impressive, but only the top ssoo, getss the money... so joel d. smith is live at the school now to doing to hell ush them to the top, and see eeaccty why the mmney is needed right now. 3 3 3 3 coming up... a possibll baby bumm... cauggt
8:37 am
8:38 am
on camera. camera.the weekend weeding where jessica simpsonnshowed and... our counndoon to ncy. -3 phhne... picking out ift. stay unee to see whht they choose. 3&you're watccinn fox news.. all local.. alllmorning. ((break 5))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3
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3 3 3 &p ,3
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3 3
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33 3 ii's our couuttown o chriitmas heee at fox 55 455everyday from now ttrough christmms ve...we re giving aaay giftt from under our ttee.
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&pour first winner is samanthh from baltimoresheechose a giff from unner our tree toounwrap. ) (stripes) -tableetail whaae kit- one-handee grip- flexible and vvccuu suction system to hold paaletcourteey: octa - 49.99our nnxt winner is aadrea from baltimore. (whitee with blueebow) bow) - rod stewartt holiday prize pack- complete
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with "meery christmas baby" cc hard back bookkourtesy:: andom house- $40.99and if yoo didn'' 3win hii time---doo'ttwoory. as part of our countdown to - &pchristmas. coming up... iley cyruu takes some heat... for a raay outfit. outfii. the picture posted online... in herrdefense. you're watching fox 45
8:47 am
morning news.. all local.. all mooning. ((break 6))
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"we cannot have a christmas party at my house without singing 'the 12 days of behind it, it is really a serious song." "each one of the 12 days were important points of faith." "my favorite is probably the partridge in a pear tree because the partridge is the only bird that will lay down its life for its nest. who laid down his life for us?" this classic christmas song... on the "700 club," tuesday at a footbal star heads back to
8:49 am
&pcourt... a teen ensatioo anotter baby bump we sppt on a singer? it's tabloid tueeday...rbandi prootor is it seems liie a reconciliation is in the works...evelyn lozzda fiild for divorce in tehhdays after being headbutteddby husband chad johnson...but it eems like she may be havvng a change of h ressrrininggorder she ad aaainssthim. tte judge asked if shed been coerced into dropping it she said no.. lozadaaalso said she was not apologizzd...admitted he has a problemm enroolld in anger managament etc. no word on whh
8:50 am
&pshe dropped the order... the judge granted them contaat so... ill guess we'll just have to wwtcc twitter to see how this plays out... sources connected to evelyn tell tmz a thh "basketball wives" star isn't will go, but at the very peast, shh waats t start talking to him agaan. miley cyrus wore a raay outfit on stage at a vhh event over been buzzing ever ssnce... aa - p0 year old inger for quite - some time now.. she has a naysayers. she says they are idoiots...last week an a ppc comparing miley aad ted - taylor swift... the caption says miley is "cclled names every ay" even ttough she "has been with the same guy for more than ttree years and is engageddto hhm."swift on thheother hand ssviewed as ""weet, elegant and inspiratiooal" despite dating
8:51 am
made me laugh thanks for making me smile... i am engaged t 0 [because] i'm madly in love with ne man. just appy ssoeone admitted it.. guess thii amous kid...turned model at just 10 yeaas oll! i'll ive you a hint, he's stylish like his pommy and daddy!david nd victoria beckhhm's son romeo landed his first mmdeling gii with burberry -- at the age of p0. he adorable boy is peatured in the spring/summer 20133campaign. ooking stylish in a burbeery trench coat, romeo playfully holdssan umbrella ith a biigsmile on pis face in ne campaign shot. we got ur first look at jessicaasimpsoo's baby
8:52 am
bbmp (pt 2) aa her friend cccee hobbs weddinggover he weekend!proving tat she iss ne hot mama the secommd time while serving as the maid of cobb's wedding to "scrubs" angeles over the weekend. the child, walled down thee isle - thing is she still wonmt confirm it.. but normaaly when you wear sweaters likk this... and alk withhyour purse n front of you like thiss. you''e hiding something... 3&coming up... win big... thhs holiday season. youucan give... from the marrlaad lottery.yyu're watching fox 45 morning news.. all llcal...all mornnng.
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christmas is exactly one weee away and if you stilllhaven't found that perfect giit don't worry we &pfrom tte maryland lottery more. - whattare ome good lass minuue giftss- about how much do theee ifts cost?- whattgoes into making these gif? gifts?
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p, to learn morrelog onnto fox
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